King size with sagging middle

Had concussion and having difficult with cognitive. Hard to analyze different types. Know I need firm/plush king size. Bought one 3 years ago and has a deep valley sag that mfg won’t stand behind. We turned it and flipped it every 90 days like recomended but didnt help. Went to Macy’s and like Simmons beautyrest black kameryn. I also like Rita but too firm for husband. How do we look for one that won’t have huge sagging in couple of years? I know this is a problem with king size. Thank you!

Hi Cindyla4,

The first step I would take is to read post #1 here and some of the information it links to.

One of the links in the post is a link to these guidelines which will help you eliminate most of the worst choices such as the major brands and mass market outlets and chain stores and focus on smaller independent or local manufacturers that are either sold factory direct or through better retailers and sleep shops and have much better quality/durability materials and have better value.

If you let me know your city or zip … I’d be happy to let you know of any of any better options or possibilities in your area that I’m aware of.