kingkoil - therapedic/eclipse

Does anyone know who is the foam suppliers to king koil and therapedic/eclipse? is it certipur?

thank you

Hi maverick3934,

It may depend on which licensee you were dealing with (they usually have some flexibility in how they make their mattresses when they are part of a licensing group) but to my knowledge they would all use American foam producers that are CertiPur certified.


any idea about spring air who supplies that then?

Hi maverick,

That would also depend on the licensee factory but they would also use American polyfoam and memory foam as far as I know and I know the gel foam they use is G-Flex made by Flexible Foam.

They are also on the list of CertiPur certified* mattress manufacturers although this of course doesn’t say anything about the quality of any of their mattresses which you can only know by knowing the details of the layers in a mattress.

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