Kiss Mattress discontinued, any similar alternatives?

I bought the original Kiss Mattress almost a decade ago in the Plush configuration (fixed topper, not the new reversible one). It’s been the best mattress I ever owned, and every guest that sleeps on it comments how comfortable it is.
My wife and I are in the market for a new mattress and are currently sleeping on a Tempurpedic, which after a decade has become uncomfortable to sleep on. I bought the updated Kiss Mattress again, but just received a phone call saying that because of Covid they’re having trouble sourcing the foam, and that they’ll probably shut down the website soon.

The SleepEz rep recommended I go with the Roma instead, which according to him has even lower returns than the Kiss Mattress had. He also said that their mattress closest to the original Kiss Mattress is the SleepEz RV.
The Roma is made of latex for all layers however and not polyfoam + latex + float foam, so my guess is it’d feel different from the Kiss Mattress. And the information about the RV is limited, apart that it has a 6" foam layer (memory or poly?) plus a 3" latex topper. They’re also both $300 cheaper than the Kiss Mattress. I’m guessing the price difference comes from lower quality materials? Perhaps a lower 1.8 lb foam rather than 2.0 lb?

Is anyone aware of a mattress similar to the Kiss Mattress? I looked at the simplified choice thread but not much comes up looking for +2.0 lb support layer that doesn’t also come with other cautions.

Hi Alfredo.

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Since Kiss is manufactured by SleepEZ, I’d be inclined to trust their recommendations since they know their product and comparability between their products best.

You’re not wrong. Any mattress is going to feel different from the Kiss at the end of the day simply because it’s different foam/configuration/ticking/encasement, etc. I’m actually surprised the Roma is cheaper - memory foam (like in the Kiss) tends to be a weaker link, and a cheaper material.

The Nest Owl might be worth a look at and this mattress, which is not from a Trusted Member, sounds like it leans towards what you might be looking for.

I’m hopeful others will also chime in with their thoughts and feedback!