KISS versus New Sleep Jerome

We have been searching a lot for a mattress that I (100lb; hot sleeper) and SO (165lb) both like. We have tried the nectar which was to hard for me. We then added the SleepOnLatex 2" soft topper; better, but still too hard for me, but just on the edge of too soft for him. We have narrowed our current decision to NewSleep Jerome and KISS. As there doesn’t seem to be much information available about New Sleep Jerome, we are a bit shy on jumping too that (especially as we can’t compare and details on the foam and latex themselves, and there is a lot of potential soft foam-5"). We also are trying to find the specifics on the KISS mattress so we can try to make an informed decision. Any recommendations for overall mattress would be very appreciated!

I’m caught in the same search process you are. One dilemma I’m facing is the choice between a component system (with movable layers inside a zip-up enclosure) and a completely assembled, sewn-up but flippable package (such as the SleepEZ Roma or Zenhaven). Component systems are more flexible, but the flippable package is more convenient (esp. if service includes old mattress removal). In my opinion, the more complex your needs, the more it makes sense to go with a component system, in order to maximize your chances to “get it right”. I bought a high quality flippable mattress and am finding the Plush side not supportive enough, but the Firm side too firm. Now I’m about to try tweaking it with a topper. Right now, I’d prefer to be able to zip it open and switch around a couple of layers (or else order 1 substitute layer). Maybe that is the kind of system you should consider. I’d be reluctant to buy a latex mattress without clear descriptions of its design and firmness specs.

Hello Shortstuffs

Thank you kindly for your inquiry. I agree with you in that the top-to-bottom information on the Jerome mattress is vague. Because of this I cannot provide real clear/accurate comparison without knowing all of the materials that are in this mattress. I can however compare the materials that I do know are in it based information provided. Both our Kiss mattress and the Jerome mattress consist of Talalay latex and Memory Foam. Although there isn’t a lot of information on the thicknesses/amount of latex and memory foam inside the Jerome mattress, it does seem to explain that the memory foam is above the Talalay latex. The Kiss mattress also consists of both Talalay latex and memory foam in the form of a single 4" adjustable comfort layer. Each layer is 2" thick, and is seamed together to create a 4" comfort layer that is accessible for two different feels. The memory foam side up provides a softer/plusher slow response feel that only memory foam can provide. If you flip the comfort layer for latex side up, it provides a slightly more supportive feel without losing the contour needed.

The covers on each mattress are quite different as well. Our Kiss cover is a cotton (non-padded/quilted) 4-way stretch material. This allows you to sleep directly against your memory foam or Talalay contour layers for maximum contour and support relief. The Jerome offers a quilted padded covering. I am not sure what the cover is padded with.

Again, I apologize for not being able to provide more detailed info on the Jerome mattress. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to submit them here. Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!

Hi Sleep EZ,

I came across this post and just wanted to get some clarification on the following statement: “The memory foam side up provides a softer/plusher slow response feel that only memory foam can provide.” I thought the poly foam side of the topper was a new generation, fast response type foam that may be more “subtle” than latex but quite different than the “slow response” feel of more mainstream memory foam. I believe it was even mentioned in the forum that the updated version of the KISS specifically used a new generation “fast response” poly foam in contrast to the previous version which had more of a slow/traditional type feel.


Hi Manimal,

That post was from July 2018 before the KISS mattress was upgraded to the fast-response Flow Foam. Sorry for the confusion!