Knitted wool pillowcovers?

Does anyone know where (or if) I can purchase knitted wool bed pillow covers/cases/protectors?

I’m a knitter myself and I’m contemplating knitting my own. I’ve found lots of wool bed pillows but not like a case, cover, or protector being sold alone.

Ack! Also, if there’s a reputable dealer for shredded latex that I could maybe purchase in 10lb/20lb increments. I’m thinking about making shredded latex pillows and body pillows with knitted wool covers for gifts!

Hi Coventry,

That sounds like a great idea!

While I have no idea about knitted woolen covers there are a couple of places that sell shredded latex that I know of. Both are reputable dealers.

Foam Pit Material for sale. Gymnastic, Skateboard & Motocross Pits DIY About half way down the page. Natural Sense is the Dunlop latex they use in their mattresses. This would probably be Talalay since that’s what they sell.

If you find a source for the pillow covers I hope you let us know.


Phoenix, as always thank you! I’m pleased that they sell it like that, it’s exactly what I had in mind!

I’m going to toy around with a few ideas and see what becomes of them. Right now is when I should start planning some of my holiday knitting but I can’t bear the thought of knitting vast quantities of wool in the heat currently. The thought of a knitted wool pillow cover/protector in some crazy variegated sock yarn makes me smile though.

I haven’t found a single place that just sells just a stretch knit wool bed pillow case, cover, or protector. I’ve been searching for a few days and my Google Fu is pretty strong. Many sell cotton jersey knit, wool quilted, or knitted throw type pillow covers but I haven’t found any that covers all three bases.

Anyways, thanks again for the information.

I would try to find a dealer of St. Dormeir products that is near you, they make a pillow protector that is terry cotton filled with sheep’s wool, machine wash and dry. They will make any pillow you put them on a little bit thicker and firmer though so it might be perfect to make your own shredded latex fill with your own cotton cover so you can adjust the fill as needed.

Thanks budgy! I’ve seen those protectors but they are a quilted wool. I was looking specifically for a knitted wool for its ability to stretch, move and conform to whatever pillow it’s on. There’s an idea in my head that I want to try and the wool would work best knitted. I’m guessing what I’m looking for doesn’t exist for practical reasons and I just haven’t discovered those reasons.

Ahh yes, sorry I must have read your post too quickly. I have not seen knitted wool covers, I think it may be unlikely to find as they could be more difficult to wash.

Naw, I knit with superwash wool all the time. It’s easy to wash. :wink: