KTT Enterprises Latex Supplier

Hi everyone -

In my quest for DIY mattress parts, I recently had the opportunity to deal with KTT Enterprises, in Hamden, CT. I wanted to pass along a recommendation for anyone in CT looking for Latex. They supply Latex International products at great prices. They are also super friendly people to deal with. Very helpful! They assisted me in finding the right density, and custom cut it within 24 hours, for pickup.

Not sure if they ship, I forgot to ask them, but they do orders for pickup at their warehouse. Here is the URL:

Just wanted to pass along the recommendation, as I couldn’t have been happier, with their service and price. I’m one step closer to completing my mattress :woohoo:

Hi jp2600,

Thanks for the information and link to KTT Enterprises.

I had come across and spoken with http://www.sleeponitnow.com/ (same phone number) and was also impressed with their value and their help and service on the phone (see post #2 here). They will ship through UPS.

Do you know if they also offer different thicknesses of topper (I know they offer different sizes in the 1.75" they mention on the site)?


Not sure about the dorm toppers, but they will cut latex in any size you want. They also have covers if you want to add it to the piece you purchase. Not sure about return policy either. I didn’t ask as I was fairly confident inwhat I was purchasing.