La Noodle or FloBed topper?

Hello again, it’s been a few months since I last posted (no mattress purchase yet). I’ve decided to go the route of getting a topper for testing purposes because I haven’t been able to do much mattress testing. Topper will lie on a surface that doesn’t have wallows or body impressions. I know that I really like the feel of memory foam, but don’t consider it a good value since it has a shorter useful lifespan (hope to get more from latex). I also know that I don’t like the springy quality of talalay, but I’m concerned that dunlop won’t provide the pressure relief I’m seeking (won’t be soft enough over time).

I purchased a La Noodle pillow (thanks to someone posting here about a sale :)), and even though I hated every latex pillow I had tried before, I really like the La Noodle pillow a lot. It’s great! I haven’t been using a pillow case because (1) I really like the pillow’s cover and (2) the pillow has extra fill and cases compress it too much. I could use suggestions about a case since I really should be using one (I didn’t purchase the matching case because I don’t really want a smooth cotton case, I really like the feel of the case they use as the cover and I like silk or jersey knit cases).

Getting the La Noodle topper would be a no-brainer, but I can’t tell how thick it is. Looking at their video, I would guess about 1" (or less)? I inquired by email but haven’t received a reply. I’m not sure if 1" would be enough pressure relief. There isn’t an option to purchase additional fill as there is with the pillows otherwise I’d do that. Of course, I could purchase another pillow and transfer the fill to the topper.

Having read through the topper threads on this site, I saw that the FloBed topper has channels or tubes that can be adjusted, and also has the nice feature of having a seam down the middle so each side can be adjusted independently of the other. This is a big plus, because I need more cushion than the other half does! Only worry here is that the filling is shredded talalay latex and the person who reviewed it mentioned the dreaded springy factor. But also mentioned that it was good for older people needing pressure relief.

Anyone tried either topper lately and have any comments? Since the FloBed topper is cheaper, I’m learning towards that, although I imagine that La Noodle might be more comfortable…if it provides sufficient pressure relief.

Hi Bouven,

You can see my comments about the LaNoodles topper and another member’s comments in the links in post #2 here.

I don’t have any personal experience with the Flobeds shredded latex topper but you can see some comments about it in this topic and in post #26 and onwards here.

Hopefully any others that have purchased either one will see your post and share their experiences as well.


The flobeds topper has different sized pieces of foam although it says it’s twice fluffed. Even though content is adjustable, it does not feel smooth or cushy.

Thank you for the info on the flobed! Does not sound like what I am looking for. I might get the LaNoodle in the queen size or larger and if it isn’t cushy enough, fold it in half and hog it all on my side.