LA or SD for better value mattress shopping

I’m in the market for an inner spring mattress. Thanks to your mattress forum, I know I’m not going to buy a big brand. That said, the choices become overwhelming when one starts to look at custom/small manufacturers. I’m in San Diego and thinking about heading to Escondido Mattress, but am also willing to head to Los Angeles area, if it makes sense. My basic question is, would you recommend Escondido, or one of the LA companies, if I just want to go to one place, try a few variations (looking for firm matress - my preference - with some level of euro/pillow top - my wife’s preference), and walk out with a decison (even if I have to wait a bit for actual production/delivery)? If LA, which company/member would you recommend?

Hi SleepSeeker,

I don’t specifically recommend any particular manufacturer or retailer (outside of the members here) because what may be a better choice for one person may not be the case for the next person and one may carry some mattresses or designs that you are more interested in than another. What I normally suggest is to talk with the ones that you are most interested in based on their website information (if they have one) and then visit the ones that carry the mattresses you are most interested in testing or that seemed most responsive and knowledgeable and that you best “connect” with on the phone. Some initial phone research is one of the most important parts of mattress shopping IMO.

I also don’t suggest that you go to just one place but at least two or three so you can make more meaningful comparisons between different mattresses and on the quality, value, and service that each one offers. It just isn’t possible for me to “recommend” one manufacturer or retailer because each person has their own personal value equation and list of criteria that is most important to them.

At this point … there is only one member in the LA area and one that will soon be added to the members list (one of several across the country that are about to become members) which is (NOTE: They are now a member of this site).

I should also mention that while the members here are among the best of the best in the country, each in their own way, they are not the only sources of great quality and value and there are many others across the country that over time and with further conversations and feedback will also become members here (see the beginning of post #2 here).