Labor Day Discounts for TMU consumer members

Hi all.

A short reminder that TMU consumer-members can get some of the largest mattress discounts for Labor Day. Most TMU Trusted Members are providing consumers with added savings starting Labor Day Sales weekend. You can do a quick scan through our Mattress Trusted Members Listings to see what’s being offered.


Checking to see if there is an update on this thread. Where can one find the latest discounts available to TMU members, as of November 2023?

Hi GCuthbert.

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to see you back 4 years later :slight_smile:

Trusted member discounts are updated periodically to include any sales events on the directory page of The Mattress Underground website.

Keep in mind that some of the brick and mortar members list only their standard discounts so be sure to call and let them know you come via The Mattress Underground to apply the largest discounts they have available.