Lasting Impressions - Sikeston Missouri

Has anyone had any experience with They are based in Sikeston mo and seem like a good option. I am debating canceling my order with Brooklyn bedding because they are cheaper and offer one day delivery (I am moving Saturday and will not have a mattress)

As always, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mikew096,

Lasting Impressions is one of many companies that are involved in what I would call a “race to the bottom” and cater to consumers who are more focused on a “cheap” price than “good value” and who often “want to believe” so much that what they are buying is good quality that they do little meaningful research into what they are really buying. These types of companies are usually run by people who are more interested in marketing than in helping people find a suitable mattress and will often list their mattresses with misleading, incomplete, or even completely inaccurate descriptions that are carefully worded to say or imply what people want to hear. They also tend to have an online only presence which has no “real world” reputation and history and the “online” history they do have is usually based “instant feedback” for purchases where people have little understanding of what they really purchased and the feedback is more about the “deal” they believe they got rather than the mattress.

The same mattresses are also sold at other sites including here (which have higher listed prices) and here (which have lower listed prices). They claim to use 5 lb memory foam (KoolComfort which is made by Sleep Innovations and used in the Serta iComfort line in a higher density version) but it is not realistic to believe that new, good quality 5 lb memory foam and high quality polyfoam is available at these prices.

The truth behind these specifications (which they will tell you if you specifically ask) are that the memory foam is 3.3 lbs (very low quality) and the base foam is 1.7 lbs (also on the low side) and they add these two densities together to come up with the “full 5 lbs density” which is a completely meaningless specification which IMO is done intentionally to mislead their customers. In other words … these are “cheap” mattresses in every sense of the word.

There is lots of information about these sellers on the web and who is behind them and their many sites that would cause me to think twice before I ordered from them. I would not order a mattress from anyone with these types of business practices and who was intentionally misleading their customers about the quality of the materials in their mattresses and I would treat them with extreme caution and as “buyer beware”.