Latex Allergy?


I want to start out by saying thank you for stating this site. There is more information than I could have imagined and a lot of helpful people.

I am looking to order a 100% natural Talalay latex mattress from Savvy Rest. The only problem is that I am slightly allergic to latex. I cannot wear latex gloves or i begin to swell. I do know know if there is a difference between the synthetic and natural latex when it comes to allergies. Also, i have spoken with Savvy Rest and they have informed me that the mattress is covered in a 1/2 thick wool and cotton cover. I was also planning on purchasing an allergy cover to go on top of this layer. I was thinking that because i would not be in direct contact with the latex i would be ok. If anyone out there has had any experience with this please let me know.


Hi Antwon,

You can read more about latex allergies in post #2 here and post #3 here (and the other more detailed information they link to).,

If your allergy is type IV (which is most likely) and a contact dermatitis type of allergy then it is most likely from the additives in either natural or synthetic latex used in some latex products such as gloves that aren’t washed off and are in direct contact with the skin. If your allergy is type I (which leads to anaphylactic shock) then it would be to the proteins in natural (not synthetic) latex itself and would be much more serious but also much more rare.