latex and inclined sleep question

I have GERD, so some years back we purchased a product that goes underneath our bed frame called a sleepcliner. Unfortunately, it is no longer being manufactured. It is similar to the product being discussed here, except that it raises and lowers with a remote control. It inclines the frame and mattress at an straight angle (NOT bending like a hospital bed). I’m currently in the market for a new mattress and am considering switching to a latex mattress because I also suffer from degenerative disc disease and need better support. However, it appears that latex mattresses cannot be set on top of a regular bed frame. Does anyone know if a latex mattress can be used on a regular bed frame without voiding the warranty? Thanks in advance!

Hello, Janoke.

We offer an all latex mattress, called the Hope mattress. It is a 3-layer mattress made from 100% GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex (link to our mattress product page below). We offer adjustable bed bases in our local Illinois store and we sell many of our Hope mattresses with these bases. Although providing airflow with a slatted platform bed is optimal, it is not always possible and we do not require it as a part of our warranty.

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