Latex Bed Options similar to Savvy Rest from Green Living

I finally got to try an all latex mattress today and loved the feel and the setup that I ended up with. The problem is the pricing - the Savvy Rest mattress is pricey, so I am looking for guidance on a similar setup from a reputable company.

The configuration I ended up with was as follows:

Bottom - 3" firm dunlop
middle - 3" soft dunlop
top - 3" soft dunlop
topper - 3" soft talalay

I could not get a good answer on the ILD ratings of any of the layers. I would be open to ordering a latex mattresses that can get real close in feel to the Savvy Rest with a similar set up (hopefully 3" layers like this mattress) where they also offer an exchange option on layers to fine tune the mattress. I will likely order just the mattress at first and then order a topper later once I get a feel for the base mattress. So I’m looking for something in the 10" range with a cotton cover quilted to a thin layer of wool with 3, 3" layers of natural latex.

Thanks for any guidance!

Hi H8tobogi,

If you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to let you know of any local options I’m aware of in your area and post #21 here has a list of the members here that sell latex mattresses online and that compete well with the best in the industry in terms of quality, value, and service. Some of them have very similar component latex mattresses in a range of different designs and prices and would be well worth talking to.

I would start with browsing their sites to get a general idea of what is available and which ones interest you the most.