LATEX BLISS/Beautiful - lower back pain

I recently purchased the "beautiful/late bliss mattress. It is beautiful My issues are that when I awaken in the morning, I feel my lower back being sore/hurt. The soreness goes away after I leave the bed When I go to bed, there is no issue while I am lying on my back.
Does anyone have any solution to resolving my dilemma of having a lower back soreness/stiffness. Short of returning this mattress, is there anything I can do to resolve my problem?
thank you!:

As a PureLatex Bliss dealer the problem you are describing could be a result of several different situations. We have dealt with these kinds of issues successfully with others in the past.

1.) Your age group
2.) Have you any history of back problems?
3.) Did you have a similar pain with your old sleep system?
4.) Are you primarily a back sleeper?
5.) How recently did you purchase the Beautiful?

-Howard Atkins
Chief Sleepologist

Hi lupo,

First of all I should mention that it’s important to make sure you have slept on the mattress for long enough to make sure that you have gone through any adjustment period that may be necessary for a new mattress (particularly if it is much different from what you are used to) or at least that it is obvious that your “symptoms” are consistent and there is little chance that they will improve with time before you consider your other options.

I would also make sure that your mattress is on a firm non flexing foundation to rule that out as a possible cause.

Lower back issues when you wake up are generally an indication of either support layers that are too soft (unlikely in the Beautiful) or comfort layers that are too thick and soft for the alignment needs of the person sleeping on the mattress.

Unfortunately … there is little that can be done in these cases and the best solution is generally an exchange for a mattress that has thinner or firmer comfort layers if this is possible. the reason for this is that even with a firmer topper … it will generally still “bend” into the softer layers below it.

It may be possible to add say a wool or other natural fiber mattress pad or topper or even a firmer latex layer on top which may help prevent your heavier pelvis area from sinking in as far but this will change the feel and possibly the pressure relieving qualities of the mattress and there is no way to predict success for this with any particular individual.

If you do go in this direction rather than a mattress exchange … I would focus on sources where the topper you use is returnable in case you are unsuccessful. For example this silk topper from Costco or one of the wool toppers listed in post #3 here may have some effect.

It’s always much easier and more effective to soften up the comfort of a mattress that is too firm than trying to improve the support of a mattress that is too soft.


responses to questions askd

I am 70
to my knowledge I do not have back issues -I am an active golfer/walker
I believed I was a side sleeper, but obviously I have different sleeping positions
My prior mattress was approx 15 years old and was not very comfortable.
This Bliss mattress is very comfortable (vis-a-vis my older mattress.) The exception is when I awaken in the morning.
I have slept on this new mattress for one week.
Do you think with more time, my issue will go away? or is my age the problem?
If my age is,in deed, the issue, then I foresee the same problem with any mattress I choose.
If this does not resolve itself, can you suggest a particular topper

thnk you for all your responses!


To start with your age is not the problem, however over time the spine develops arthritis and your old mattress was uncomfortable so it kept you tossing and turning all night. Your new mattress is comfortable and holds you in place for longer periods. Just as a cast holds a broken joint and when the cast comes off the joint is very sore because it has had no range of motion.

Muscle memory may be another issue as your body becomes more used to the position your new mattress puts you in. You may become pain free after a month or less. There are some other options to take if the 30 day option fails.

During this period try some morning stretching exercises as I am sure your better rested with your new sleep environment.