Latex Bliss beautiful" lower back pain

I purchased a latex bliss beautiful mattress I have slept on it for approx 6 weeks. I have an issue with lower back pain on this mattress. I do not recall this issue with my previous mattress. I can exchange this mattress if need be!
I am told that if I purchase a 3"latex bliss topper that it would resolve my lower back issues

  1. Are there other generic toppers beside latex bliss?
  2. Is latex bliss topper 3’ the best to consider purchasing?
  3. AND, finally, in your expert opinion, will the topper make a difference?

Hi lupo,

It’s probably good that you can exchange it. Typically (but not always) lower back pain in a mattress comes from comfort layers that are too thick and soft and the heavier parts of your body (pelvis lower lumbar) are sinking in too far relative to the lighter parts of your body and your spine is not in it’s neutral alignment in all your sleeping positions. The Beautiful has one of the thickest and softest comfort layers in the PLB lineup and there have certainly been others who have chosen it that had the same issue where it was not the most suitable model for their body type and sleeping positions. this is one of the reasons why it can be important to test specifically for alignment in a showroom (which is more difficult than testing for pressure relief or “comfort” but the guidelines here and in post #11 here may help).

Comfort (pressure relief mainly) is what you feel when you first lie on a mattress. Support (spinal alignment) is what you feel when you wake up in the morning (either with or without discomfort or back pain) and durability is what you will feel on a mattress in a year or years down the road when the materials in the mattress change, soften, or degrade with constant use which leads to the loss of comfort or support over time. While it’s clear that the Beautiful has the comfort you need and that latex is among the most durable of materials … it seems to me that the missing link in this mattress (as far as how well it matches you) is support/alignment.

Yes there are many with a wide range of firmness levels instead of just extra soft) that also have better value than the PLB toppers. Some of the better options are listed in post #4 here.

This would depend on someone’s height, weight, preferences, circumstances, and what they are trying to “fix” but in your circumstances I would say no. In addition to this … even though latex is a very durable material … in softness levels as low as the 14 or 15 ILD which is typical of the PLB toppers they will not be as durable for most people as firmer choices (that are still soft but not XX soft).

While I don’t have your specific information that would help me make a better assessment … it seems to me that no matter what your height and weight or sleeping positions that you have the “symptoms” of comfort layers (the top layers of your mattress) that are already too thick and soft for you and I think the odds are high that adding even more thickness and softness has the risk of making things even worse (allowing your heavier areas to sink in even further relative to the lighter pars of your body).

I would look at a PLB model that had thinner and/or firmer comfort layers and where you were closer to the firmer support layers to help you maintain better alignment. You can always add a topper if your choice is a little too firm. A topper is much better at adding some extra softness to a mattress that is too firm and it’s not a great idea to add to a mattress that is already to soft IMO.


Building on what Phoenix said, I would suggest trying the PLB Nutrition. It’s what I liked and whay I based my custom layered setup on. While there is plenty of thickess in the comfort layers, the nutrition is a bit more firm up top and tends to prevent excess sinking and misalignment.