Latex Bliss Pamper

Hi Phoenix

I have read your articles and they are very helpful. I am a side sleeper at 230 lbs and have some spondylethesis on l4 (wrong spelling I know). So if the hips sink too much the back hurts. I tried the Pamper version of the Bliss - cost effective- and it felt supportive and had a nice bounce to it. I may be able to swap for this at Ashley

Do you think it will work for a side sleeper to help relieve pressure on shoulder and hips as a plain simmons firm mattress just hurts the body. Sleeping on the independent coils can be like sleeping on railroad tracks. Its a simmons noelle and i have to do a S swap of sorts for a major brand like stearns or sealy. The sealy hybrid plush felt ok and some of the stearns did too.

There are negative comments on line about the Bliss mattress and sagging hmm, maybe that is just a rarity.

Hi stack,

Your own personal testing and experience would be the only way to know for certain but I think the odds are that with only 2" of relatively soft latex (21 ILD) in the comfort layer of this mattress and your weight that you would “go through” the comfort layer fairly easily and feel the firmness of the 40 ILD support layer below it and it would probably be be more suitable for back or stomach sleeping for most people of your weight than it would for relieving pressure on your side.

Most of the Pure Latex bliss mattresses use 21 ILD in the comfort layers and many of them (such as the Beautiful) use fairly thick comfort layers and sometimes an even softer topper as well (@ 14 - 15 ILD). Even with latex … materials that are this soft and thick in many cases won’t provide the best possible alignment with heavier body weights even if it doesn’t physically “sag”.

Many smaller manufacturers are hesitant to use thick layers of softer latex (or any material for that matter) with heavier weights both because of the risk of alignment issues and also because all soft materials are less durable than their firmer counterparts … especially with higher body weights.

The comfort layer in the Pamper is 21 ILD but it’s only 2" with a 6" layer of 40 ILD underneath this so sagging isn’t as likely to be an issue with this mattress as much as pressure issues for side sleepers. If you did choose the Pamper and needed a topper on top of this I personally wouldn’t choose a topper that was in the softness range of the PLB toppers for someone of your weight.


Thanks Phoenix

That was helpful.