Latex brands

Hello. I was about to place my order with sleepez when the discussion of which brand of blended talalay came up. I thought latex international was the way to go, but was told it would be a glued piece. As I am trying to avoid as many things as possible (fibro,cfs, mcs) I’d rather not have glue. They also stock Radeon brand talalay. Is it comparable in quality? Is one manufacturer better than others as far as odor goes? The stock answer I’ve heard is “the process is the exact same.”. LI is US made, the other offered brands are not. Does that make a difference in voc or chemical or odor levels? It’s possible that I’m over thinking all of this, I’m just trying to be as careful as possible. Thanks for your imput!

Hi Mousehouse,

There are two main manufacturers of Talalay latex which are Latex International and Radium (not Radeon). They are both large manufacturers (one has a larger market share in Europe and one has a larger market share in North America) excellent quality and very comparable. I would strongly encourage you to go with the recommendation of the manufacturer (in this case SleepEz) because they are much more familiar with which of the latex versions they carry would be most suitable for you or in some cases which has the better quality/value (sometimes there are production issues with a particular brand). Sometimes too, they may suggest 100% natural with one manufacturer and blended with another.

Since they are most familiar with the current differences between both manufacturers (and LI has had some quality control issues from time to time) … and they are also the most interested in their customer’s long term satisfaction and put this ahead of their profit margin … I would always go with what they currently recommend because it will always be in your best interests.

Both are Oeko-Tex tested and just as “safe” as the other.