Latex coils mattresses

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I’ve just recently found out about the technology of molded pocket foams and it looks very interesting. I’ve been using a memory foam mattress for years now and I’ll be moving to another country soon so I will have to purchase a new mattress. I am really intrigued about the molded pocket foams but only found references to two good brands that offer decent mattresses: Dormeo Octaspring and Reverie Dream Sleep. Does anyone know about good mattresses manufacturers that use this kind of technology? Also, is there a standard name for this kind of mattress? I’ve read mentions of molded pocket foam mattress, latex coils mattress, foam cylinders mattress and more, some of them within this board.
I am just having trouble finding suppliers for this kind of mattress. I’ve read quite a few topics about them but I can’t find mentions of many brands.

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While it’s beyond my scope to keep up with all of the foams being put into production by various fabricators worldwide, the Reverie DreamCell would be the best known product here in North America. This technology is also used in a zoned area in their OSO Sleep mattress. A few others that immediately come to mind would be the Dormeo Octaspring (uses polyfoam or memory foam), Carpenter’s Qualatex/Avena foam coils, the small latex coils uses in the upholstery layers of the Kingsdown Back Smart and Vintage lines (and old Elliptica line introduced at market back in 2015), and Future Foam’s DNA (a plastic spring in a foam encasement).

Foam springs/coils (that is the common nomenclature) have been in production for quite some time in Europe (I’m not as familiar with the offerings there), but their higher cost keeps them from being as popular (see a sample here) both here and there.