Latex core thickness

Thank you for all of the wonderful information on this site. It have been very helpful as I recently embarked on a search for a new mattress.
My partner and I have decided that we like the feel of the latex mattresses and are trying to find an affordable option. We talked to Sleep EZ ( I have seen that they are well thought-of on this site) and heard details about their natural latex mattresses. I am concerned that the ‘core’ or the lowest layer is only 3 inches of latex. The mattresses we were test driving in different showrooms seemed to have thicker latex cores like 6 inches. We like the switchable component aspect of Sleep EZ and they seem to have quality materials at a more affordable price. My question is, would it be better to spend a little more for a thicker core as it might last longer/provide more support?

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I’m glad you’ve found the information here useful.

I think you’re confusing a bit the terminology used to describe different layers of a mattress and considering those as standardized necessities, so I’ll do my best to help make things a little clearer.

The terms commonly used to describe the different layers of a latex mattress, such as the “core”, “transition” or “comfort” layers are simply labels that make it easier to reference different parts of the mattress, but in and of themselves aren’t “necessary” to have in any specific quantity, or at all, in a latex mattress, as all of the layers work together. For example, you could have a latex mattress that contained a 6” “core”, and then on top of that a 2” layer that could be called a “comfort” layer. The “core” actually works to provide support and also acts as the “transition” from the upper “comfort” layer, even though there isn’t a specifically “designated” layer for “transition".

In the situation you’re describing, it’s very common for manufacturers of component-style latex mattresses to use 3” layers in their construction, often for a total of three or four layers. Using a construction with multiple deep layers that are of the same firmer ILD, or a common progressive construction with layers becoming a bit softer as you progress to the top of the mattress can both result in a durable, appropriate and comfortable mattress, and I wouldn’t get caught up too much in the labelling of a specific area as the “core” or that it has to be a specific thickness, but instead look at the totality of the componentry contained in the configuration you’re selecting.

Overall, there would be little if any practical difference between two 3" support layers and a single 6" support layer if they were all the same type and blend of latex and the same ILD and were inside a tight fitting cover with 3" inches of latex of the same ILD on top of them. Multiple layers would have more options for fine tuning though both before and after a purchase because for example a support core with a medium over firm layer would be a little firmer than a medium layer and a little softer than a firm layer (closer to the medium) and you would also have the option to rearrange the layers to firm over medium which would still be in between a medium and firm 6" layer but closer to the firm. The main advantage of having more layers in other words is that for those who need it can provide more options to customize the layer combinations either before a purchase or by rearranging or exchanging layers after a purchase. While this is attractive to some people … it can also add some complexity that may not be necessary or may not justify any extra costs involved in having more layers for others. Outside of a mattress with more layers having more options to customize the mattress, if a mattress is a good match for you, then one isn’t inherently any better than the other, and you’d want to use the expertise of any manufacturer you’re considering and seek their advice on layering combinations that they think will work well for your specific needs.


Thank you for clarifying the point in question. This helps a great deal as I continue my search for a mattress. I love the latex mattresses, I’m just struggling with the affordability factor. Regardless, I feel better equipped to make a good decision.

Thanks again for a wonderful website!

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You’re welcome!