Latex first night support

Just got a new spindle mattres.
first night. I am mostly a side sleeper (195lb 5’ 9"). When I sleep on my side, I feel like I am sleeping on the edge of the mattress where my back is about to fall off. (ie: not enough pushing or supporting my back). sleeping on my back I feel more support overall. I have a M/M/F configuration. I thought it was little soft so I changed it to F/M/M.

Is this a feeling of latex in general? Would I eventually get used to it. I feel like I have to curl a little bit into fetal position for the bed to give me more support. It is hard to explain.

Hi latex_now and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your new mattress is not feeling of optimal comfort for you. Keep in mind your ideal mattress will be unique to you, based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions - thanks for providing those! - and your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). Only you can tell what feels comfortable in a sleep system.

Trusted Member of the site Spindle Mattress offers a latex all-organic mattress which allows the consumer to switch layers around in order to customize their comfort levels, much like a DIY, allowing you to ‘zero in’ on the perfect feel. You don’t say how long you’ve had the Spindle, but it can take 4-6 weeks to fully ‘break in’ a new mattress, as well as your body getting acclimated to the mattress. What was your feeling when you went from the 3" firm layer as a base to having it on top? Better or more of a ‘cliff edge’ feel?

The feeling of ‘falling’ you experience may be just how Dunlop latex feels to you, and you may find you prefer Talalay latex instead; Talalay is considered ‘bouncier’ than Dunlop (Usually compared to the difference between angel food cake and pound cake). If possible you may want to see how Talalay feels to you in a local showroom, just to compare…ideally, you could also see how a soft top layer feels as well, before exchanging any layers with Spindle.

It sounds like a little fine tuning will provide you with a great mattress that will last for many years - and allow you to switch layers around as your comfort needs may change over time.

~ Basilio

Thanks Basilio:

This was the first night.
the second night felt better.
I guess I will give it time to break in.
I usually like the mattress firm. The medium felt little soft for me. I did not sleep all night on it.
I will post back my results…

How are you feeling about this mattress after a couple more days?