latex for less

I’m in the market for a new king all latex bed. I’ve come across this site: I’m wondering if anyone has experience with them and if they are a reputable company.

I’ve dived deep into research and my head is spinning a bit but I’ve settled on all latex. I’m just looking for an online retailer that is reputable, provides good value, and has a simple buying process. Some of the sites recommened here are DIY and a little more involved than I want to be. I’ve also come across SleepEz and they seem reputable and the process is very straightforward to design a bed. Are there any other site recommendation for a good value and simple buying process?

Hi lunkerx84x.

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There’s not much feedback on the Latex for Less, from our subscriber base but this company is linked to the Natural Latex Company, and also the Plush Beds. See some subscriber comments here. If you do a forum search on either of these companies on you will see some past comments.
As far as their products… the mattress is flipable with the following configurations.

(9") Latex For Less Mattress:
• GOTS organic cotton cover from Natural Latex Company
• ½ “100% wool
• 6” 100% natural Dunlop latex firm (85 Density) sourced from Shri Lanka (Richard Pieris)
• 2" of 100% natural Talalay latex in medium (N2 Density) from Talalay Global
• ½ " 100% wool

(7") Latex For Less Mattress:
• GOTS certified organic cotton cover
• ½ " 100% wool
• 6 " 100% natural Dunlop latex / firm (85 Density)
• ½ " 100% wool

These would be good quality materials. If you plan to get a topper(s) from Latex for Less website keep in mind that they are not clearly stating that the toppers are not returnable and the 120 Night Trial does not apply. See this BBB complaint They are considering toppers “a personal bedding item” and they do say this somewhere in their FAQs but you’d need to dig a bit to find it.

You most likely are aware that SleepEZ is one of the Trusted members of our site and also aTMU mattress expert. They have an excellent track record of good quality/value products with record short sipping times. You can completely rely on their impeccable customer service and reach them with any questions either on their own dedicated forum or reaching them directly by phone or online.

You can certainly scan through the list of trusted members that sell all latex mattresses here. They are all providing excellent products simple processes and excellent customer service. Just make sure to ask about shipping times as these may vary depending on where they source their components.
Just have a look and let us know if you have additional questions.