Latex Foundation for New Bed Frame

I purchased this new bed frame in King to go along with a new latex mattress setup and while we love the frame itself, I don’t think the flexible foundation that it comes with is going to work. The slats are 3 3/4" apart and I read on here that the maximum should be 3". Since it’s flexible, I don’t think I can put something over it like a regular foundation and since it’s metal I can’t add to it. However, the middle frame is removable just leaving the outer frame. So my question is would getting some supports like this here work and then just put a regular slatted foundation on top? Or is there another preferred method? Thanks!

Hi virferox,

I would also be somewhat suspicious of the platform foundation in terms of its strength, the size of the gaps between the slats, and because a flexible slat foundation will change the feel and performance of a latex mattress compared to using it on a firm non flexing foundation that will provide a more evenly supportive and rigid surface under the mattress.

I’m also not sure if your outer frame would work with the bedbeam system you linked because you would need to secure each side of the bedbeam to a slat rail on the side of your bedframe with screws (see step 7 in the instructions here) and I don’t think this would be possible with a metal frame. It may be better to screw wooden slat rails to each of the side rails of your bedframe at the height you want so you could screw the bedbeam to the slat rails on each side. This would support a suitable foundation although your sleeping surface would be higher than it is now by the thickness of the foundation and if you use a standard height foundation it may may end up higher than the sides of the bedframe (although you could also use a low profile foundation or a bunkie board which would be thinner).

Another alternative would be to use one of the 14" wire grid platform foundations listed in the foundation post here inside your bedframe (similar to the platform foundation you have now) and then use one of the suggestions in post #10 here to provide a more supportive surface in between the wires. If your current foundation is also 14" high then your sleeping surface would be the same height as it is now.


Thank you so much!

I forgot to mention the outer frame is wood, it was just the inner frame that was metal. Thanks for your hard work!