Latex foundation

I have a question about the foundation for a latex mattress. I’m planning to buy the Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful King mattress and the 3" latex topper. Hope the mattress isn’t too soft when I receive it. Felt good in the store & with the topper was very plush. I sleep on my back, side & stomach, but not on my right side because of a bad shoulder. Couldn’t decide which mattress to go for, & hope I made the right choice.
The store said they include the Carolina Mattress Guild low or high profile foundation with the mattress. I never heard of them before & looked them up. They are slats with cardboard & fabric on top. I’m worried about the quality & if it will be strong enough for the mattress. I’m thinking I will keep my old metal frame from my old mattress & boxspring. It’s over 20 years old, but I don’t know if the new frame would be any better. I understand that I can’t use my old boxspring. Would it have too much give? and that is why they use the wood slats?
This process has been so difficult to select the new mattress but this site has been helpful.
Thanks for the help.

Hi jlt,

This could be quite a risky choice for someone who sleeps in all positions … especially on their stomach. This is already the softest most plush mattress that they make by itself and with the thickest softest latex topper available on top of it, I would think it could be a risky choice for combination stomach sleeping. I would make sure that you have tested it very carefully for good alignment in all your sleeping positions … although there’s no doubt that the pressure relief and comfort would be great. My instincts say that it could very well be too soft but your own careful testing would be the best way to know for sure.

In terms of a foundation … a mattress like this would need a slatted foundation with gaps between the slats that are no more than 3" (preferably less). I would also not use one that had cardboard on top because it would reduce breathability and moisture control. A mattress like this is very heavy and needs rigid and even support (not a box spring that gives) although your metal frame would likely still be OK as long as it has good center support to the floor and is not bent or sagging in any way.

My tendency would be to look at the foundation very carefully for the spacing and strength of the slats and I would probably avoid it if it had cardboard. There are some very good low cost foundation options that would work very well and I would not put an unsuitable foundation under a heavy latex mattress like this because the latex will sag into gaps that are too wide.