Latex Help Please

Hi. Having read as much information as I can digest from this site I have made a shortlist of online king size mattresses that we are considering and would appreciate any guidance offered on which may best suit our needs.

Rocky Mountain Mattress: 9" Natural Talalay ($1699)
Organic cotton cover with wool barrier
2" talalay
6" dunlop core

Brooklyn Bedding Amazon Store: 12" Talalay with zipper cover Europtop ($999)
Quilted bamboo cover with 1.5" of soft reflex foam
3" talalay
8" 2.35 pound high density HR base foam

My Green Mattress: 10" Natural Escape Mattress ($1699)
1" quilted bamboo
2" talalay
5" blended latex core (not sure about what the blend of latex is? synthetic?)
2" talalay (able to flip)

Sleep EZ: 7" ($1795), 9" ($2150), 10" ($2395) and 13" ($2900)
Organic cotton quilted to wool
3" talalay
3" talalay King Adjustable Ultra Plush Natural Latex Sleep System ($1595)
9" zippered cover
1.5" wool and bamboo
2" talalay
5.5" talalay core

Thanks so much for your help with this shortlist!

Hi saffer,

You have done some great research it seems and there isn’t a single choice on your list that isn’t great quality/value IMO.

Of course the quality or value of a mattress is only part of the story because the mattress also needs to fit you in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences). A great quality/value mattress that doesn’t fit your body type and sleeping style has little practical value to the person that buys it. Hopefully you have done some local testing so you have a rough idea about how each of these mattresses (or latex) may feel.

Some of the things that may be more or less important to you when you are narrowing down your final choices to the one that best fits your “value equation” are in post #2 here.

My role is always to help people eliminate the worst choices (which you have done already) but after that … deciding which one is “best” for you is always a matter of your “needs” (based on your body type and sleeping positions) and your personal preferences. Of course your conversations with each manufacturer about their mattresses should help you narrow down the list as well.

You are at a point where it would be very difficult to make a poor choice (assuming you have talked with each of them and are confident that alll of them will “fit” your needs and preferences) but narrowing down the list to one, as difficult as that may be … is what each of us needs to do on our own. My “job” is to get out of the way of final choices so that they reflect what is most important to you and nobody else can decide this for you.

For what it’s worth … it took me several weeks when I bought my own mattress to narrow down my list to a final choice and each time I eliminated one I would second guess myself and go back and forth for a while about which of the tradeoffs really was most important to me. I think this was the most difficult part of all. In the end when your choices are as good as they are … it may even be the intangibles that makes the difference :slight_smile:

Good luck and I hope you let us know what you end up buying.