Latex Holes and Rips

Just bought a latex bed last week and decided to open up the cover to see what the inside (latex) looks like. I was surprised to see some rips and holes on one side of the mattress. The holes on the side, in the top and middle layer, were obviously already there, and one of the large rips was surely there as well. I say that because it looks and feels like the rip was glued back together. However, I’m afraid how long that will actually last considering the rip is on the top layer and continue down the side. It’s right where I roll out of bed so I imagine if I do that enough times the repair will come apart. I’m afraid the rip will start to grow as well, kind of like how a crack in your windshield slowly spreads.

Should I be concerned about the pre-existing holes and rips? BTW, I’ve only looked at one side of the mattress. I didn’t take the whole cover off.

Hi Compnerd,

Small tears, nicks, and imperfections are normal for latex. It is a difficult material to handle and it’s not unusual to see these types of things to a degree. Small tears are often glued (with non toxic glue) and this in no way affects the performance or durability of the mattress and the tear won’t “run”. If you handle the latex and are moving it … then a wavelike motion rather than pulling on it to shift it is the best way because it can tear fairly if it’s handled too roughly.

Having said this … if you are at all concerned or if the tears or imperfections seem to be too much … then I would certainly take a picture and send it to OKmattress and ask them if this is normal. Your satisfaction is important both with the mattress itself and to satisfy any questions or concerns you may have before and after the sale.