Latex Hybrid in Raleigh/Durham area


I’ve been researching on here for a while. I started having lower back pain by the morning the last few years, and it is time to try to do something about it. I started interested in a king size memory foam mattress from Costco since we are members there, but after finding this site and reading tons of informative posts have focused more on the hybrid latex (polyfoam base, latex comfort layer) particularly the Dreamfoam Eurotop or the Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Bliss. Costco had great returns but so many advantages with the latex. For one I’m 210 (winter weight, less when I can exercise :wink: ) and my wife is 105 so a split configuration sounds wonderful. And the latex has some pretty good options of being able to customize or adjust the bed without having to return it. I’m leaning toward the Bamboo Bliss for the increased density of the base layer to be more durable with my weight, even though it is stretching my budget window a tad.

I’ve never tried this type of mattresses though and wondered if anyone knew of stores in the Raleigh Durham area of NC that would sell a latex hybrid that might be similar enough to give me a feel for it? Is that even ethical if I will very likely buy online? :dry: Would trying one be the next step before I move forward?

Thanks for any help,

Hi JMatt,

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Raleigh / Durham area are listed in post #6 here. While there are hundreds of different latex or latex hybrid combinations possible so it’s not likely that you would find a latex or latex hybrid that would be exactly the same in terms of its design or PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences)… it would give you a good idea of the general “feel” of either Talalay or Dunlop latex (depending on which you try) which I think is a good idea.

It’s possible that you may end up preferring a local mattress that you test in person so I don’t see why a retailer would mind if you walked through their door to test their mattresses if they at least had a chance to win your business. If the mattresses they sell aren’t the best match for you based on the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you then that’s just part of a competitive marketplace. Every business knows (or should know) that you win some and you lose some.


Thanks Phoenix, your resources are amazing!

Yes, that makes good sense, maybe just an overactive conscience :blush:

Thanks so much!