Latex Hybrid Mattress

Thanks to Phoenix and others for a great website and forum; it has been extremely helpful.

We are:
5’9", 155 lbs, side & back sleeper
5’8", 135 lbs, side and back sleeper

We are looking to replace our innerspring mattress and are interested in the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams latex (hybrid) mattress. Although that mattress looks good, we would like to test similar mattresses before we purchase one online. The purpose of this post is to find similar hybrid mattresses in our area (Sonoma, 95476) that we can test.

The only one I can find from the San Francisco list that we may be able to test is the Pure Latex Bliss Nature mattress sold by Naturally Organic Sleep. Is that similar to the Ultimate Dreams? Any others that we can/should test that would be similar to the Ultimate Dreams?

Thanks for your help!

Hi psrv,

I think you’ve seen this already but the San Francisco list is in post #2 here.

I don’t have a record of the specifics of each mattress that is carried by the manufacturers or retailers on the list (that would be an impossible job for anyone to keep up with) so finding a similar mattress would require some website research and/or some phone calls. There may or may not be a close approximation in one of the stores in the area. You would be looking for a mattress that had about 3" of blended talalay latex (with a known ILD) with a quilted polyfoam cover over a polyfoam support core. If you were able to find out the specifics and they were similar to the Ultimate Dreams Design then you could use it as a good guideline.

Other than that you could test various Talalay latex mattresses to see which one was best for you and use the ILD of the top 3" - 4" of the mattress as a reference point (which will be much of what you “feel” on a mattress although the other layers will have an effect as well) and use this as one of your reference points and part of the information you provide and discuss with them when you talk with Dreamfoam on the phone to make your comfort choice.

No … the PLB Nature is an all latex mattress and while it does use the same type of latex (blended Talalay) it isn’t a latex/polyfoam hybrid. If this mattress was “perfect” for you in terms of PPP then you could use the information about it’s construction (see post #2 here) as one of your reference points and ask them which of their comfort choices they think would have the best odds of being “somewhat” similar. Some of the PLB hybrid mattresses may be a closer approximation (they use various layers of latex over a bonded polyfoam/latex support core).

Quite a few of the retailers or manufacturers listed would carry mattresses that used 3" - 4" of latex in the upper layers of the mattress (which may be the closest you can come with your testing) but it may take a few calls or research on their sites to find the ones that are the most likely candidates.


Thanks for the information Phoenix; very helpful. I’ll make some calls to determine which of the retailers/manufactures have something similar to the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams latex (hybrid) mattress.