Latex Hybrid / Sedona Sleep

First post after thankfully finding this site. I’ve decided I’m pretty certain I want latex in the comfort layers of the mattress I’ll buy, but due to price point I’m mainly looking at latex hybrid options, either with polyfoam or springs.

I didn’t see Sedona Sleep having an “ask the expert” section, so I hoped this would be the best place to get some feedback. I have not yet called Sedona, but will be doing so. For some background, my wife and I both suffer from chronic pain, mine upper-back, hers toward the hips. Due to the conforming nature of springs, I thought a latex/spring hybrid might be the best choice, but our price range (around $1000) limits hybrid systems. It seems like a 3" latex comfort layer is sort of the norm, while some options are offering 2".

So, I guess my overall question is, will the Sedona Sleep option with the foam base and latex topper provide good pressure relief? Or would we be better off with something like the Kiss or Eco Terra that seem to offer more “give” under the latex, with polyfoam and springs respectively.

Hope this made sense and isn’t off-topic. Moving soon and need to make a decision in short order.

As the manufacturer for Sedona Sleep and based on your issues I think a spring with latex might be the better way to go. Our Eco Sleep ( is in your budget and offers a high quality pocket coil spring with 3" of Talalay latex of your choice as the comfort layer. At $749 for Queen it’s a great bargain. The foam we use in the Sedona might be too firm for her hips which is why I’m recommending the pocket coil instead.

Thanks so much for your reply. I had not seen the Eco-Sleep, only the Ultimate Hybrid on your site. Looks great, my only worry is the shipping time. We’re moving by the end of the month, so it might not work out.

We are not super busy right now so we can work it in and get it to you by the end of the month.