Latex - ikea or ultimate dream

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I’m new to the forums.

My back has been bothering me a lot lately and I think my current mattress is partly to blame. The wife and I are wanting to go latex and have narrowed it down to either the ikea Edsel or the ultimate dreams ultra plush. The reviews on amazon put the ultimate in the top spot but I just wanted to make sure it was still recommended?

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Hi Noquarter,

While I don’t recommend specific mattresses for people because only your own experience can tell you whether a mattress is a suitable choice in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) … Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam (which is one of their brands) are members of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality and value in the country and they are certainly a recommended choice.

Both of the mattresses you are considering use good quality materials and have good value although they are also different (the Ultimate Dreams is a latex/polyfoam hybrid and the Ikea is an all latex mattress) but if you are comfortable with an online purchase that you can’t test before a purchase then the people at Dreamfoam do a good job of providing information that can help their customers make suitable choices and they are certainly a great choice in terms of quality and value as well.


Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for the amazing site. I have a very similar question so I’ll ask it here rather than start a new thread:

I’m down to the Sultan Edsele vs the Ultimate Dreams Total Latex mattress ( in king.

The Edsele costs $1,200 and is 7.75".

The Total Latex is significantly more expensive at $1,900 but is 10" and I can customize the firmness.

My research suggest that both use a very good latex and that materials won’t be an issue with either mattress.

Will I notice the difference in thickness? I’m 200lb male sidesleeper who prefers firmer beds. I would probably go with either a ‘4’ or a ‘5’ on the Total Latex’s firmness rating. $1,900 is within my budget, but if they’re close to comparable I’d obviously prefer to save $700.

One other consideration is I’m buying this mattress for an ikea bed and I’ve heard they can be non-standard sizes. Here is the bed specification from ikea’s site:
Mattress length: 202 cm
Mattress width: 193 cm

From wikipedia that appears to be standard, but I’d appreciate a confirmation.

Thanks again for the amazing resource, I greatly appreciate your time.

Thanks for explanation. We don’t have an ikea close to us to test anyways so both would need to b online purchases,

One more question I have is with delivery? Do they set the bed up for you? Do they take your old bed? Or is it just dropped on th front porch?

Hi Noquarter,

They ship their mattresses compressed through fedex courier and they don’t offer white glove delivery (set up) as far as I’m aware or removal of your old mattress. Of course you could check with them to see if they have any deleivery options I’m not aware of.


Hi stephen,

I switched your post to a new thread which helps me follow each conversation a little bit more easily :slight_smile:

The Total latex mattress uses 9" of a higher quality latex (Talalay or 100% natural Dunlop) than the Edsele (which uses a continuous pour blended dunlop which is “mostly” natural) but the Edsele is also a little bit less costly on a “per inch” basis.

They both have a good cover that includes wool.

The Total Latex mattress has firmness options you can choose for both for the comfort and support layers before your purchase and also has exchange options for the comfort layer after a purchase (the Edsele only has one option for both) which may be an important part of your personal value equation.

They are not only different in thickness but they are completely different designs and have different firmness options so they will feel and perform differently yes. Each different layering combination that you have available (either in the support or comfort layers) in the Total Latex Mattress is in effect a different mattress. Thickness makes a difference yes but so does the differences in the ILD of the layers, the type of latex used (Talalay vs Dunlop), the combination of layers used (the Edsele is a single 7" layer of a single ILD and the Total Latex mattress uses a combination of layers that have different ILD’s), and any differences in the quilting and covers between them as well.

[quote]One other consideration is I’m buying this mattress for an ikea bed and I’ve heard they can be non-standard sizes. Here is the bed specification from ikea’s site:
Mattress length: 202 cm
Mattress width: 193 cm[/quote]

This is 76" x 79.5" which is fairly standard for an Eastern King size (which is usually 76 x 80 +/- 1").


Hi Phoenix,

Phew - I thought my post was deleted and that I had broken some rule accidentally!

I appreciate the great insight - this definitely helps me. I’ll post back when I’ve made my decision and when I get a few nights rest on whichever mattress I go with!

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Hi stephen,

You certainly didn’t break any rules … but it does help me keep things separate when there are separate threads :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to hearing about what you end up choosing and your feedback once you receive it.

Your final choices are certainly between “good and good”.