Latex in Cleveland

I live in Cleveland and want to try out some latex mattresses prior to purchasing from SleepEZ or All of the stores that Phoenix recommended are at least an hour away from where I live.

I found the website below that lists their different brands of latex mattresses and was wondering if it would be worth going to this store to test out mattresses? Any thoughts?


Hi bwomp,

Slumberpros is an online retailer and doesn’t have any local outlets.

They come up on various google searches for many different cities even though they are not “local” to any of them.

I’ve added a few more “possibilities” to the Cleveland area list here but there were already several that are either right in Cleveland or very close to it that carried either “all latex” or latex hybrids that would be useful for testing.


Thats sneaky of them.

Thanks Phoenix. Im about 45 minutes east of cleveland, but I found a couple of new ones closer to me on that list. Thanks


   Give Natural Bed Co. a look.  They're just west of Akron by I-77 and 21.

 He uses 3 inch layers, so you can try every combo he's got.  I purchased a king all talalay(no blend) and foundation for less than SleepEZ or APMC.

Good Luck