Latex in Fairfax Virginia/latex & memory foam options to compete with Tempur-Pedic's Cloud Luxe

Hi Pheonix,

I am really wanting to try out some latex mattresses near Fairfax, VA. My zip is 22124. Can you give me some places that will let me try some latex mattresses so I can see if I like them. I like the feel of the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe, but I really would like to see if I would like latex as well. My husband is 6’2" and 200 lbs while I am 5’7 and 125 lbs. We are looking at getting a California King so my husband’s feet don’t hang off the end of the bed. :slight_smile:

Also we are considering a couple options that we’ve researched. Luxepedic’s Wellington memory foam bed which they claim to be similar to the Tempurpedic cloud Luxe. The SelectFoam Cirrus Luxe ES (which is double the price of Luxepedic’s bed). The Diamond Mattress Ethos Natural Peace Plush. SleepEZ 10,000 top to bottom soft, medium, firm all talalay latex. And we are looking at the Ergomotion Ergo 400 adjustable base for whichever bed we choose. Do you have an opinion about these mattress/bed options?

Are these mattresses too soft to hold up for 15-20 years or to give our aching lower backs and shoulders the support they need?

In your opinion, would latex or memory foam be more durable in a soft feeling mattress?

Also, I am also interested in places to get mattresses for a family member near Temecula, CA 92592 as well. Thanks so much for your help. I love your site and it has given me so much advice and information already.

Hi Angnjam,

Post #2 here has some of the better options and possibilities in and around the DC area that I’m aware of and there are certainly some good latex options that you could test.

You can see some of my thoughts about Luxepedic in post #9 here. They may have a dimilar ‘feel’ to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe but the layering is different and they don’t show the density of the base layer so I would want to know that as well.

As you know they are a member here which means that I think they are among the best quality/value in the country. They use some premium foams in their mattresses and they also take more than usual care to match or exceed the layering, quality, design, and “feel” of the Tempurpedic line. Of course higher cost materials and design means that they are also not the lowest price available either for those who are strictly price shopping.

Diamond is a wholesale manufacturer who is making some “better than average” quality mattresses and I would certainly consider them if you can find out the details of all the layers. you can see more of my thoughts about them in post #2 here.

SleepEz is also a member here which means that I consider them to be among the best quality/value in the country and they have a wide range of latex mattresses where you can choose the firmness and type of all the layers.

The durability of a mattress depends on many factors and is relative to the person sleeping on it. You can read more about durability in post #4 here and the post it links to. 15 to 20 may be stretching it with any soft foam … particularly if its not latex … but depending on the degree of “room” you have left yourself with your comfort choice for foam softening and on the type of materials in your mattress 10 + would be within reason for most people.

Overall latex is the most durable of all the 3 categories of foam (latex, polyfoam, memory foam).

Temecula is somewhat “in between” seveal lists on the forum but the better options that are within reasonable drivind distance would be listed in the San Diego / Escondido list and the Los Angeles list and the San Bernardino list and Palm Springs here (some choices in each direction :)).


Thank you so much for your quick reply, Phoenix.

You mentioned Pure Latex Bliss, but I thought I read on the forum that you weren’t a big fan of that line, am I wrong? I have tested the PLB Elegance at the Healthy Back store (which is the only latex bed I’ve tried so far) and liked it, which I think is the same as the “Beautiful” mattress on the Pure Latex Bliss site but given a new name for the Healthy Back Store, if I’m not mistaken. If you think they are a quality line, I will reconsider them.

With regards to your comments on Luxepedic, what do you feel the density of their bottom layer should consist of (if I can find out)? And do you feel like the other layers they have on the Wellington mattress are good quality?

It looks like SavvyRest is a good option close by me to try out latex mattresses. Thank you for that info.

Also, I have found ( is their name on eBay, which has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau) sells their line and I called and talked to them and they are very knowledgable and they sell the PLB line as well as the Ergomotion adjustable bed line. Your thoughts about going thru them? Even if I purchased thru their eBay store, they said the warranty from manufacturer is honored.

You have been super helpful. Thanks again.

Hi Angnjam,

To me the quality of a mattress has little to do with who makes it and puts their label on the mattress and more to do with the materials and components inside it. having said that … Pure Latex Bliss uses high quality materials in all their mattresses with no “weak links” and I think they are among the better national brands available. Their “value” depends on the price they are selling for and on any of the other benefits that come with dealing with a particular retailer but in very general terms I would put them in the “better than average” value range but usually not in the “best” value range. The value of any mattress depends on all the factors in your own personal value equation that are most important to you which of course includes the relative price of the mattress compared to others that use similar materials and components in similar amounts and on the suitability of a mattress for your needs and preferences. Post #2 here has more about the combination of quality, durability, value, and suitability that are part of deciding which mattress is best for you.

The minimum density support layer that I would consider acceptable in most cases (except for temporary or lower budget mattresses where some compromises need to be made) would be 1.8 lb polyfoam (1.5 in low budget choices with good quality foam on top). Higher is better of course in terms of durability and more resilient and higher performing grades of polyfoam are also better regardless of their density. In terms of density, the memory foam appears to be good quality (5 lbs and up is considered to be good quality) but again I would want to confirm that the memory foam was either CertiPur certified or at least made in the US. Sometimes memory foam that has higher density but is in lower cost mattresses (particularly that are made in Asia) have fillers in it that makes the density and quality appear to be higher than it is and will degrade the durability of the material. NOTE: They are now Certipur certified so this would remove any concern I had about their materials)

They are certainly a good place to test different layering combinations for latex however they also can carry a significantly higher price than other mattresses that have a similar design and materials.

Golden Carolina Mattress or Florida Mattress Centers or Carolina Mattress Factory (and a few others) started out as a factory direct outlet for Carolina Mattress Guild but no longer carry them and are now carrying several alternative brands including the Pure Latex Bliss that you mentioned and several other better value smaller manufacturers including Sherwood, Classic Brands, Innomax, Boyd, and Octaspring in addition to some major brands which I would avoid. They have a retail outlet in Navarre. They have many other URL’s that sometimes come and go that lead back to them (what they call vanity sites) but like any other retailer I would make my buying decision based on the quality/value of their mattresses, on the knowledge and service of the retailer, and on any other benefits that come with dealing with a particular manufacturer. In my conversation with them they were certainly knowledgeable about mattresses and the industry in general.