Latex? in Houston area....

So I’m seeing many great reviews for latex mattresses in general, but call after call to local showrooms to lay on one has proved fruitless.

I’m at a loss to understand why they are (seemingly?)so well received, yet no where to be found in a city the size of Houston.

What gives?



Hi rxb609,

Post #2 here has some of the better options and possibilities in the Houston area that I’m aware of and there are a few that carry latex mattresses that you can test.

There are certainly some areas of the country that have fewer options than others and all latex mattresses are not as common in the mainstream market because the cost is higher, margins are usually smaller, they last longer (repeat sales are less), and they are not as easy to “differentiate” from other latex mattresses made by other manufacturers by claiming “proprietary” materials so they are more commonly sold by smaller manufacturers or specialty sleep shops.