Latex in St. Louis

I have just begun my search for my next mattress. After a couple of trips to the store, I have pretty much decided to go with latex. I have tried the Pure Bliss and liked it, just not the price. After some research, I am now leaning towards Sleepez. They have their 8 inch on sale for a good price. I had been considering their 10 inch version, but figured I would try the 8 inch, and if not pleasedm add a 2 inch topper. I would like to find a factory near St. Louis to check them out before I buy. Any suggestions? I am also trying to find a good place for an adjustable bed frame. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi vektro,

I just updated post #6 here which includes the better options in the St. Louis area. They include some very good “testing” options (Savvy Rest for example has a choose your own layer mattress with 3x3" layers) as well as some better value options as well. The PLB line would also give some good indications of the type of layering that may work best for you and your preferred model could be helpful guideline.

I purchased my adjustable bed (the Reverie Deluxe) here which is one of the Olejo websites. They have some of the best prices on the internet, their service and help was great, and they have free shipping.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your reply. That is just the info I needed. Both on local shops and the adjustable base. I will check out some of your suggestions.