Latex Innerspring Hybrid Options with 2 layers of latex

Hello Phoenix,

Thank you for your informative website. It seems as though you’ve been able to help quite a few people.

My wife (5’9", 135", average build) and I (6’6" 220, average build) are looking for a new mattress. We are coming a Stearns and Foster mattress that quickly developed body impressions after only 5 years. We are 80% back and 20% side sleepers and are used to traditional innerspring mattress. We are both in our mid 30’s and do not have back problems except for my wife who has stress related backaches.

We have recently visit Naturpedic and were impressed with the quality of their mattresses and their knowledge. We liked their concerto mattress which is their proprietary 6" innerspring with two layers of “medium” density dunlop latex. We have also look at more traditional mattress stores and have been pretty turned off by the quality based on what we have learned from your site and previous experiences.

We would purchase from Naturpedic, but unfortunately the $7k price tag is a little out of our range. Can you recommend a manufacture where we could find a hybrid innerspring mattress with two swap-able layers of 3" latex? Though I haven’t tried this specific combination, based on laying on other mattresses, we are looking for 2 layers of a medium density talalay latex or possibly a soft/firm combination.

We have considered an all latex option, but we are not sure how well we will adjust to it coming from an innerspring mattress because of how much less lively it feels when turning/moving in bed.

Thanks again for your great support.

Hi cbro,

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I’m sorry to hear about your Stearns & Foster mattress no longer being comfortable for you.

Yes, Naturepedic uses an older pocketed spring machine to make these springs and encases them in cotton, and I believe they own all of the existing versions of this particular innerspring machine. They do use good quality materials in their products, but they tend to be in a bit more of a “premium” prices range, as you discovered.

While I don’t maintain a complete listing of all of the options available online for latex/spring combination mattresses (it would be an impossible task for one person in an ever-changing market), I can offer some options from the site members here, which at the very least would be a good place to begin your research. It will be more common to find innerspring options using three inches of latex contained within the mattress encasement with the innerspring unit, but you could of course add a 3” latex topper to achieve your overall 6” of latex comfort. Using a separate topper can also allow you a bit more flexibility in overall comfort combinations.

From the site members selling online, some options would include:
Arizona Premium Mattress Company – Eco Sleep and Ultimate Hybrid
Flexus Comfort – Quadra Flex
Luma Sleep
My Green Mattress – Natural Escape
Nest Bedding – Hybrid Latex
Urban Natural Home Furnishings

Latex and innerspring support cores definitely have different comforts, but some latex mattresses, especially all-Talalay with a thinner stretch-knot cover, can be quite buoyant. But you’d of course want to sample something locally to see if it would meet with your needs. What you sampled from Naturepedic was using Dunlop latex, which, especially when combined with their covering, can be a bit “less buoyant” feeling than Talalay.

I hope that information gives you a good start on your research.