Latex International vs Radium

I’ve been given a choice between using talalay latex made by Radium or Latex International. Do you have an opinion regarding the differences between the two? I’ve heard Latex International is good but know nothing about Radium other than they are in the Netherlands.

Hi smartshopper,

Both Latex International and Radium make very high quality Talalay latex in both blended and 100% natural versions as well as various specialty formulations such as gel infused Talalay. Latex International has a bigger market share in North America and Radium is more common in Europe although you will find Talalay latex made by both manufacturers in North America.

Some of the manufacturers I know tend to lean towards Radium because their latex has been more consistent and had fewer quality control issues over the last few years (see post #2 here) but LI appears to have addressed the sporadic quality issues that they have had and this doesn’t seem to be an issue any longer so in “real life” terms I would treat them as equals.


Thank you for your input! I’ve spent hours on this website recently as we’ve attempted to make a mattress decision. Lots of very helpful information here. Only wish I would have found it earlier! Thanks again!