Latex Manufacturers


I was trying to use the search, but came up empty handed. Correct meif im wrong, I believe their are two main latex manufacturers. One is made in the US (Latex International?) and the other in the Netherlands (radium?) Anyways, I just purchased a king adjustable mattress from APMC (very excited by the way) 6" core med and 2" topper with bamboo cover and wondering what your thoughts are between the two manufacturers in terms of quality since I have the ability to request the manufacturer. I’m sure you have answered this before, but I cant seem to find it. Thanks.


Just found it. Sorry. I knew I had seen it before.

Hi bwomp,

I’m glad you found the thread and that’s the same one i would have pointed to.

Congratulations on your new mattress as well :).

As you know I think you made a great choice and because each manufacturer has personal experience and insights about which supplier they believe is currently offering the better quality based on first hand experience … I would go strictly with their recommendations. they can be the “filter” which makes sure you are getting the best quality and value possible.

I hope you have the chance to give us your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it. As difficult as it was to make a final choice … with the anticipation that comes with a new mattress purchase … waiting until you get to sleep on it can be the hardest part of all. At least there’s no more thinking, comparing, and analyzing to do :slight_smile: