latex mattress 7 years old

I bought my mattress from sleepez and love it. Like all mattress it does get worn and there are valleys, still a lot of support but I would like to update it. i was wondering if just buying a new comfort layer would be good or do all three levels of latex need to be replaced?

Hi mdolan,

Assuming that the middle and lower layers are still appropriate for your current needs (in terms of ILD) … then it’s very likely that replacing the upper layer is all that is necessary. Sometimes our needs can even change sooner than the latex lasts. The lower in a mattress a layer is … the less mechanical stress it will be subject to and the longer it will tend to last.

I would also check to make sure that any valleys are actually in the latex itself rather than in the quilting/ticking and/or the base that’s under the latex. Either way though … one of the big advantages of a zip cover and loose layers is that we can make layer changes (to replace a layer or adjust pressure relief or support) at any time down the road without having to replace the whole mattress.