Latex mattress Dreamfoam

I purchased a dreamfoam ultimate dreams 10" mattress, non pillow top, about a year ago. Like a lot of reviews on Amazon the bed was fine for awhile now it’s so uncomfortable. It has terrible lower back support. I can’t afford another mattress.
Do you think a latex topper on the bed would help me?

@Cherokee - Sorry to hear about the problem with your mattress. While adding a latex topper may add some surface density, the lack of support you’re experiencing would be difficult to address by adding a topper. Toppers are more often used successfully to add some comfort and conformance on top of a mattress which is felt to be too firm. You might try to contact the manufacturer to see if your problem would qualify as a warranty issue. Also be sure that the base you have the mattress on is flat and providing adequate support as required by the manufacturer. You can try the mattress on the floor to see if that might be a factor in the lack of support.

Ok thank you.

Hello Cherokee

Thank you kindly for your inquiry. I would have to agree with Sweet Dreams concerning adding a topper to your mattress. If you are lacking support, a topper will only magnify the problem. A topper is not attached to the mattress in anyway, and will therefore ‘hug’ your body more than the surface of your mattress will. This will provide more of a contouring feel to your mattress (even with a medium or firm topper).
I agree that I would contact Dreamfoam to inquire about your mattress warranty. Please keep us posted, and good luck!