Latex Mattress Factory Questions & Answers


Dear CS team,
We are looking for a natural latex mattress for your King size bed; we already searched online for several mattress names such Pure Latex, Saatva…, and we couldn’t know what mattress we should buy.

My husband is 222 pounds, prefer Luxury firm (medium); I am 110 pounds, prefer Firm for my better comfort for my back.
pls help and send us your advice to my email: [email protected] in case I don’t know how to catch up your answer in the forum.

Hello Elis

Thank you kindly for your inquiry! I would recommend building a DYI mattress for you and your husband. Due to your weight differences, you will need different contour and support configurations at your respective weights.

I would recommend a 3-layer mattress model for both of you. For your husband, at 222 lbs, I recommend a Medium over Medium over Firm configuration. At 222lbs, a medium on top will provide the contour he will need, while the medium over firm below provides gradual support. Of course when you build your mattress with layered configurations, you have the ability to unzip your mattress cover and reconfigure your densities to change the feel of your mattress. We also offer a 30-day exchange policy should you decide to exchange your layers for a different feel.

For you I recommend a Soft over Medium over Firm configuration. At 110 lbs, a Soft on top will contour to your body similar to what a medium will for your husband at 222lbs. The Medium over Firm below offers gradual support. Overall the s/m/f configuration will feel like a medium feel for you.

I recommend all these layers be 3" each. This gives you the ability to rearrange the layers to change the feel to a more supportive sleep surface should you ultimately decide to do so.

Please don’t hesitate to came back with more questions, or call our office anytime at 1-800-637-0872 Monday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm MT. Thanks again, and good luck!