Latex Mattress foundation question


Your site is very helpful with lots of information. The closest dealer for us would be Merrifield, VA. and we are in baltimore, md. ( I got this info. from one of your other posts)

We are in need of a King size latex mattress with a split configuration, more leaning towards LI products. We are not ruling out Dunlop, but would like to try both of them.

We will soon be ordering a sleigh bed and the slat height is approx. 8.5 inches.

What kind of foundation is recommended for a sleigh bed? I saw your foundation thread and other posts and kind of lost about slat spacing issues and some are suggesting using plywood.

In our case we might get the mattress before our sleigh bed, which might take couple of months.

I am trying to make sure that if I order a mattress & foundation and there will not be any issues with the new sleigh bed.

-Thank You

Hi sv,

A sleigh bed is like any other bed and still needs a firm supportive surface to support a latex mattress. While there are many people who believe that a solid MDF or plywood surface under the mattress is OK … and for the most part they are probably right … I tend to err on the side of caution and prefer a more breathable base to reduce the risk of mold and mildew and dust mites and increase the overall ventilation of the mattress. Sometimes this may not be possible (such as if you are choosing an adjustable bed with a solid surface) but when possible I think that a slatted surface under the mattress with slats that are 3" (or less) apart is less risky and a better choice. A polyfoam base is less elastic than latex so slightly wider spacing is usually OK. There is more about this in post #10 here.

The slats could be directly on the sleigh bed itself like this or if you wanted more height you could use a 2" bunky board, a low profile foundation, or a regular foundation on the sleigh bed depending on the height you wanted from the floor to the top of the mattress and how high up the headboard you wanted the top of the mattress to be. Regardless of which you used … the slats that the mattress rests on should be 3" or less. If your bed has a solid surface and you want some extra ventilation under the mattress … then a bed rug such as this or one of the slat conversions here (which has no flex at all) or even one of the Ikea slatted bed bases here (which has some flex which may change how the mattress feels and performs) could work well to even out the support and prevent the latex from sinking through wider gaps and would also increase ventilation under the mattress for those who have a solid surface under their mattress.