Latex mattress is too soft

I did a lot of research on this forum about a year ago, and went through 3 mattress trials before settling on our current bed. First tried Helix, which was good, but I decided I wanted more natural materials. Then tried pretty much every possible configuration of SleepEZ (with all talalay layers) and couldn’t find one that worked. Finally ended up with an Ultimate Hybrid from Arizona Mattress Company with soft talalay on one side and medium on the other. The Helix had springs, so we thought maybe mixing springs and latex would be our best option. At first it seemed okay, but mostly we were just exhausted of mattress shopping/building/returning. Now, a year in, it’s like the worst bed I’ve ever slept on. It feels comfortable when you first lay down, but it KILLS my back. I wake up numerous times in the night in so much pain I can barely move, and feel awful in the morning. I’ve taken to taking Advil before bed just to get through the night. And YES, I do have pre-existing back issues, but literally practically every random hotel or Airbnb bed is fine for me, so I don’t know what’s going on.

My best guess is that it’s too soft, not enough deep support. I have to lift myself up to change positions - can’t just roll over. I’m a side sleeper mostly and we literally drew a line down my back and this configuration was the best for getting a straight line. But maybe that’s less important than we thought. Plus I have a gazillion pillows and have tried everything I can think of to get myself in a supported position on this bed. No matter what, I wake up in pain.

I have no idea what to do and don’t trust my instincts to even try out or think about a new bed. I did SO MUCH laying on beds and 3 different trials and hours on hours of internet research, and seemed to have picked a terrible bed. I’m tempted to go back and buy the Helix, but I really did want to avoid memory foam. Is there any way that latex just doesn’t agree with my back??

Besides just starting this whole process over, I’m thinking about trying a wool topper, like the fluffy kind SnugFleece or Holy Lamb Organics makes. I think I remember that those can actually make a too-soft-bed a little more support by adding surface tension. But I don’t know. They’re expensive and seems like a long shot. I guess we could also swap out the softer layers in our bed for harder ones, or try dunlop instead of talalay layers, but with SleepEZ the harder layers on top hurt my shoulders.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Kind of at my wit’s end.

Hi shoshacapps,

Welcome back!

I’m sorry you’re still not sleeping comfortably. It may be possible that you don’t have an affinity for the point elasticity of latex, as you stated. It also could be that the combination that you’ve tested with the coil unit hasn’t been firm enough on top, as this combination would be different from an all-latex combination like you tested out previously. As I mentioned to you about a year ago, it unfortunately isn’t possible for me to diagnose your comfort and back issues via our dialogue on a forum, but most low back issues tend to be the result of not enough deep support or too soft of a surface comfort. I also wouldn’t put as much stock in drawing a line on your back, as the alignment that works best for people is individualized and rarely what might be considered “textbook” anatomically.

The good news is that it seems that you had a mattress (Helix) that worked well for you, using CertiPUR-US certified poly foam and springs, and was probably closer in construction/materials to what seems to work well for you when you travel, so your thought of moving back to that item, or at least in that direction, might be a good one.