Latex mattress layers in two seperate cotton covers VS one cotton cover

Hi there,
I would like to purchase latex mattress layers. I currently have a 2 inch soft topper from sleeponlatex and have been sleeping on it for a couple of weeks. I have slight lower-middle back pains sleeping on it when i wake up. Since i am on a budget and i’m not sure how long i would have the mattress for i am considering buying just a 3 inch medium firmness and test whether the resulting 5 inch mattress (3 inch medium + 2 inch soft) would do. I figured that if i still have lower back pains after getting the additional 3 inch layer i can still buy another 3 inch medium layer and get a total of 8 inch mattress 3 medium + 3 medium + 2 soft.
My question is whether 3 medium + 3 medium each in its own separate cotton cover would have a different feel to it than a 3 + 3 layers in the same cotton cover as seems to me that most people here in the forum buy and if yest in what respects would it be different.
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Hello and thanks for the inquiry! First I’d like to say that lower back aches are normally caused by your muscles straining to maintain proper spinal alignment while sleeping. Back aches can (generally) be attributed to the mattress not being supportive enough, and if this is the case, adding 3" of medium latex will still make the mattress even softer than it is now, so there’s a chance that adding a medium layer will make the problem worse. At the same time, your back muscles may be straining because you’re not getting enough “secondary support” which is the support that’s provided in areas where you aren’t contacting the mattress with the same amount of pressure on one part of your body as there is on another part of your body. A good example - the ribs of side sleepers are in greater contact with their mattress than the area just underneath their ribs (between their ribs and waist). As such, if the area under their ribs doesn’t have anything holding that small area of their body up, their back muscles will kick in and strain through the course of the night to compensate for this, leading to muscle aches / back pain.

As such, there’s a chance that adding a 3" medium layer will make things better, and there’s a chance that it will make things worse. If you do add a 3" topper, I would be sure to try it for 1-2 weeks at least before coming to any conclusions just to make sure your body has had enough time to adjust. If you buy a 3" layer from us and find that it has made the back pain worse, you can either replace the mattress you have now with some firmer layers, or you can return the medium layer for just a flat-rate $45 return fee.

To answer your last question, having two 3" layers inside of two different covers will feel softer than having two 3" layers inside one cover. If you have a top layer that is not encased along with the layer(s) below it, you give that top layer enough freedom to curl and flex upwards when you lay on it. The top layer will curl around your body making for a more enveloping and plush feel.

Please keep the following in mind as well: If you purchase a 3" cover from us and find that you would rather have the 6" cover, you can ship us the 3" cover and we will alter it to hold an additional 3" of material, thereby turning your 3" cover into a 6" cover. You can also start with the 6" cover and turn it into a 3" cover if needed as well. The cost for this would just be the cost of shipping to and from our location; we would not charge for the alteration or labor associated with changing the cover.