latex mattress mold sizes (cuts)

Dear Phoenix,

I was doing so well learning about mattresses thanks to you but I now have a question.
I have been told that latex mattresses are made in twin and queen molds. Two twins make a king and a queen is cut down to make a full. And, I have seen one piece king size toppers. I was also told that

                               "All latex cores come out of a 38 x 80 mold for latex.  
                                All sizes of mattresses are made from these layers so gluing has to occur     
                                 to achieve the size mattress someone wants.  
                               This has been the standard in the latex mattress industry for years.
                               Latex International has a few molds that are all one piece.  
                               These are more expensive===I don't carry them because in my opinion it is a complete waste of money. 
                               Layers are put together with water based glue. I have no idea who carries unglued layers."  

Someone also told me all 6" Latexco cores are made overseas and shipped to USA. I am confused because I want a queen core/topper for one person without a split down the middle and glued. Although this may not effect the integrity of the mattress for one person, I understand it is great to customize each side for two people. Phoenix can you please elaborate on this subject and clarify my information? Thank you very much.

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Hi Celia,

All Talalay latex is made in a mold which is either twin XL (usually 40" x 80") or queen (60" x 80") so if it’s Talalay and it’s king size … it has a glue seam and if it’s cal king it has two glue seams (to make up the extra length).

Dunlop on the other hand is made in two versions. One is a mold and this would be similar to Talalay with mold sizes that vary by manufacturer. Some Dunlop molds are king size and others go up to queen size but I don’t know the mold sizes of each manufacturer so some may have a glue seam and others won’t. You also wouldn’t notice a glue seam in a fabricated Dunlop layer.

The second method of making Dunlop is a continuous pour method similar to how they produce polyfoam where the foam is made on a moving belt. This can be made in king size without a glue seam. Latexco produces their Purelux with this method but it is only produced in thinner layers of 3". It is produced without pincores which are sometimes punched in the foam afterwards (they give their customers an option of having pincores or no pincores). The thinner layers don’t require pincores to cure. Mountaintop also pours continuous pour layers up to 7" and these use pincores and are also made in King size with no glue seams. Both of these are poured in the US.

Latexco’s thicker molded cores are produced overseas and imported into the US and they also carry and distribute both Talalay and Dunlop latex made by other manufacturers (such as Latex Green Dunlop and Radium Talalay).

Some manufacturers will special order an unglued queen Talalay layer but they will generally cost more. I haven’t asked specifically but if you call a few of the suppliers who are members here on the list here they may be able to order you one. I know for certain that Sleep Like a Bear will special order them for an extra cost but they have slightly higher prices already and some of the others may be able to order them for less. Dunlop may be more commonly available in unglued queen sizes.

Hope this helps.