Latex mattress near Atlanta, GA

I hope this is not an inappropriate use of this forum! I’m desperately seeking an appreciative home for a queen size natural latex mattress from Lifekind and its solid Oregon maple platform bed frame. Can’t find a buyer, feel that giving it to Goodwill would be a waste of a very special mattress/bed. Replacement value over $4000 – sell for best offer, or even give to someone who appreciates what it is, not just looking for any mattress.

I love this mattress, wish I could take it. Supportive but comfortable, odor-free, well-cared for and clean. Like new. Please help keep it from destruction!

Hi mskitty42,

You can see the rules for selling a mattress on the forum here but since the mattress and bedframe is good quality I’m OK with making an exception.

You will need to edit your post to provide more details about the model and the materials inside it, its condition, the reasons you are selling it, when you bought it, and include “FOR SALE:” and the name of the mattress in the topic title. Once you’ve done this then those who are interested in talking to you about buying the mattress can either reply on the forum or private message you for your phone number and address.

It may also be worth listing your mattress on Craigs List or Kijiji (ebay classifieds) where there will probably be more people looking for a used mattress.