Latex Mattress Purchased - Sedona Sleep - How I Decided (not a review yet)

As the title states, after 1.5 weeks of research possibly bordering obsessive over thinking, I made a purchase. I was on the forums my entire breaks, my lunch and sometimes when i got home.

Phoenix- thank you for all the information and support you provide here I am not clear what you get out of it but you genuinely want to help people and that comes through if you spend any measure of time on these forums.

I researched and compared many different mattresses, materials and manufacturers and can go into more detail about “why I picked Sedona” -if anyone is interested (please ask)- but for now I will just share the details of my purchase:

The email message I sent to Sedona Sleep yesterday evening.

Hi there,
lots of research, enough that my head hurts. Not to mention my back and (hopefully) that’s where you come in.
I am 220 6’5" mostly back sleeper but i’d say 20% side (when i snore i get kicked onto my side)
My wife is 5’11" 165 -170 -mostly side sleeper occasionally back. (pretty much mirror opposite from me)
We are on are worn out spring (pillow top) mattress currently and my side is worse. (purchased in 1998.)
Here is what I was going to possibly choose - The base of course.
On the latex topper i was thinking 28 (ild) on my side and 19 on hers. Does this seem like a good place to start or do you see any potential problems that I am not aware of.
I found your site because of Mattress underground.
Thanks alot for any assistance you can provide.

After getting home and finally confirming with my wife that she was okay with having a split mattress I decided i wasn’t going to wait for an answer as I knew it was the best choice i could make for all the things that were important to me (us) and now we are just going to have to try it. This information, coupled with information on this site is what really led to the “PULL THE TRIGGER” moment i had.
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I purchased the mattress topper and base this morning as it was getting late. With the discount code it was 827.00 and they take paypal. I will check the box to be notified so anyone interested in the continuation of this post can remind me if you don’t see any follow up posts from me. In the meantime I will be sleeping on my homemade bed in the family room.


Hi bengriswold,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments … I appreciate it.

Most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

As you know I think you made a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve received it and have had the chance to sleep on it.

I for one am always interested in hearing about why the members here choose the mattress that they do.


PS: Thanks also for the kind comments … I appreciate them as well!