Latex Mattress Question

We have an interest in a natural organic latex mattress.

We’ve never owned a latex mattress, and unfortunately we live in an area that has very little latex mattresses available to check out - we’ve only been able to find one locally at Verlo Mattress. (zip code 54401)
We did test it out, and like the feel of it - although it will be something to get used to as we’ve used a Tempur-Pedic for the past 11 years.

One concern we had - was it transferred movement a bit more than what we’re used to with the memory foam. Not a lot of movement - more like a tiny wave or ripple.

The mattress that we tried was 9" - I’m wondering if thickness of a mattress would improve or make the level of movement worse? Also, I’m looking at Flobeds online - and they split their padding down the middle - I’m wondering if a split padding (we’re looking at a King size) would improve on the slight motion transfer? Wonder if anyone’s tried putting a soft piece of felt or something similar down the center to see if that helps stop all motion transfer.

Again, the motion transfer was not significant - just more than what we’re used to. Perhaps it’s just something we’d get used to - or with the addition of a mattress pad we wouldn’t notice it as much…

Thanks! :silly:

Hi Migela,

Most (although not all) people that are looking for an “organic” mattress are usually concerned more with “safety”. There is more information in post #2 here and the more detailed posts and information it links to about safe, natural, organic, “chemical free”, and “green” mattresses and mattress materials that can help you sort through some of the marketing information and terminology that you will encounter in the industry and can help you differentiate between them and answer “how safe is safe enough for me” or “how organic is organic enough for me” so you can decide on the types of materials you are most comfortable having in your mattress. These types of issues are complex and are generally specific to each person and their individual sensitivities, circumstances, criteria, beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

There is also more information about the different levels of organic certifications in post #2 here and some of the benefits of an organic certification in post #3 here and there is more about the different types of organic and safety certifications in post #2 here and more about some of the differences between organic and safety certifications in post #2 here that can help you decide whether an organic certification is important to you or whether a “safety” certification is enough.

Post #4 here includes several links to lists of the better options or possibilities I’m aware of that are in reasonable driving distance of Wasau, WI but the only one that is local that I’m aware of that would carry any latex mattresses would be Verlo,

Latex is “good” for motion isolation/motion transfer but it’s not as good as memory foam which is “excellent” (see post #18 here). There is also more about motion isolation and latex in post #4 here and in post #2 here and there is more about the pros and cons of latex vs memory foam in post #2 here.

The thickness wouldn’t make as much difference as the specific type and firmness of the latex in the mattress, the type of cover and quilting material, and the overall design of the mattress.

Different people can be much more or less sensitive to the different types of motion transfer so the best way to know whether any specific latex mattress is “motion isolating” enough for you will be based on your own testing (with both of you on the mattress) or your own personal experience.


Thanks so much for such a thorough reply. A lot of information for me to absorb! I’ve been ‘lurking’ on here for several months, this site has been so helpful in helping to decide on mattresses - and even which retailer to look at.

Thank you so much for this site - and your amazing help offered to every post! Such an amazing resource for everyone!

Once my decision is made - I’ll be sure to post my ‘review’ of my purchase!

Hi Migela,

[quote]Thank you so much for this site - and your amazing help offered to every post! Such an amazing resource for everyone!

Once my decision is made - I’ll be sure to post my ‘review’ of my purchase! [/quote]

I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding … and of course any other comments or questions you may have along the way that I or any of the other more knowledgeable members of the forum can help with.