Latex mattress questions

Getting close to choosing a mattress but we had a question. We feel more comfortable laying a thick mattress pad over the latex. Will the pad take away the benefits of using a %100 latex mattress? It is not a topper, just a bamboo cover with some polyfoam in it.

Hi adler223,

You won’t harm anything permanently. Any layer you add or modify, however, will change the feel of the mattress to some degree, and depending on the benefits you foresee with latex it may change them.

Are you thinking about this to be a mattress protector?

Just a way to add some comfort.

If it works for you, there are no problems with it. What specific benefits of latex are you concerned about interfering with?

Hi adler223,

Anything you use on top of a mattress will affect the feel and performance of the layers below it to varying degrees. This could be a positive or a negative change depending on your own specific needs and preferences and perceptions. With thicker mattress pads or toppers you will feel more of the properties of the topper or mattress pad and less of the properties of the layers below it and how much of the combined properties of each you will feel will depends on the specific combination and the thickness of the mattress pad or topper. Of course your own personal experience is really the only way to know how a mattress/pad topper will change the feel and performance for your body type and sleeping positions.

Latex is a very “point elastic” and conforming material and if you use less elastic materials such as polyfoam on top of it then it could reduce the ability of latex to conform to your body shape to some degree and this would also change the “feel” of the latex or in some cases could make it feel firmer (especially with softer latex).

The lower resilience of polyfoam would also change the “feel” of the mattress surface compared to the more springy and resilient feel of latex.