Latex Mattress Selection.. and the winner is

Hi All,

After many trips to stores in 3 different states and trying over 20 mattress, the verdict is in. The winner is…
listed at the bottom.

First some background. We have been sleeping on a Tempurpedic Rhapsody for 3 years. It’s the one with the HD layer on top for superior performance. IMHO, it’s superior at trapping heat in the summer and acting like a brick in the winter. Other than that, love it. me and my wife are side sleepers so we were looking for the king of pressure relief that memory foam gives you while providing good support.

I got sucked into idea that the new memory foams with gel are cool and have solved the heat issue. However, if you spend just a few minutes researching and reading this forum, you quickly realize that while these MF/gel mattresses maybe cooler than conventional MF, it’s unlikely to give me the temperature neutrality I am looking for.

On to latex. My memory of latex from years ago was that it wasn’t anything you took seriously. It’s a new day and now latex should be at the top of any ones list that is looking for comfort, temp neutrality and reasonable cost.

Just like memory foam, there now seems to be 100s of brands/websites advertising latex mattresses. The most popular trend is now natural latex. Organic seems to be running a close second. All out chemical assault latex is fall in at third place. I didn’t prioritize natural or organic. I grew up in the 60s-70s. If old enough, you will remember. Those were the days when we went out of our way to expose our selves to rally bad things to seek a higher/no pun intended, state of enlightenment. So, the damage was already done. The only reason for me to the big bucks for organic is if we are going to keep getting these crazy storms on the east coast and I loose power, I can eat the mattress.

In another post, I listed my top three list which had the Prana Vinyasa plush on it. This mattress feels like you are sleeping on a cloud due to its quilted top layer. We loved the way it felt. Unfortunately, it cost a fortune $2800 for a queen mattress only with no wiggle room on the price. The other downside IMHO is the foam they use in the top quilting. I really question it’s durability. lastly, the warranty bar for the Prana is 1.5".

The Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful seemed to provide plenty of pressure relief for side sleepers. It also felt like it had great support without being to firm. This mattress sells for $3200 queen mattress only, very very cost prohibitive. However, there are dealers how are willing to work with you on the price. I should also mention that the mattress is made by latex International. This is a Company that has someone that staffs the Technical Support Department. So when you call, you get answers, or a call back. For me, it’s really important to know who is behind the mattress you are buying.

I will be taking delivery of the Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful next week and will be reporting after a few days on it. The Beautiful is going on an adjustable platform.

Hope this info helps anyone looking into a latex mattress.

Hi Dahl,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great report of your mattress shopping journey. I think you make some great points and clearly did some great research!

Not only that … your post made me laugh and smile because I’m also old enough to remember the “good old days” of the 60’s and 70’s. It’s kind of strange to me that even my kids seem to think that the 70’s was the greatest decade ever and love a lot of the music that I grew up with.

Anyway … back to the point of the forum … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix,

Im not sure about the greatest decade, but they were really really good. Some of my all time favorite music from the 70s is the theatrical progressive rock, Genesis, Yes and of course the king of power trio rock, the Who. As you know, there is no rest for the wicked (no matter what material you sleep on). That said, I am off to start my next thread regarding use of mattress pads as a sort of combined mattress pad/topper. New topics are needed so I start the revolution tonight.

As always, look forward to your response.


I am thinking of buying a queen beautiful as well. What did you end up paying? Any tips for how you got them down? And how do you like your mattress?

Here’s a link to something I posted yesterday with more info and questions. I could really use some help!