Latex Mattress Topper (or other hypoallergenic, not too expensive)

Sending my son off to college and I have to asthma-proof the college dorm mattress and make it more comfortable. I figure encase it and add a latex mattress topper. But I am confused trying to find a reasonably priced latex mattress topper. College is expensive and I can’t afford to spend a crazy amount. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Hi Sarah,
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It is these types of questions that are the most difficult to answer, without the proper information.

Some questions come to mind.
What size mattress will this topper be going on.
What sleep position does your some sleep in.
How much does he weigh.
What type of mattress will this be placed on.
What are you looking to accomplish with the topper. Is the mattress he will be using too firm?
Finally, everyone’s definition of a budget is different. Do you have a range that you consider “not a crazy” amount?

Toppers generally are used to accomplish a specific function. That is to make a too firm mattress softer, or keep the firmness as the same level but add contouring and pressure relief.

Thanks for your inquiry, will be looking forward to your response.


Thank you! The school mattress is thin (I don’t know the precise number of inches) and too firm, so the purpose of this mattress topper is to soften up the bed and make it more comfortable. But because he is allergic to dust mites and has asthma I need it to be hypoallergenic. His mattress at home is latex (or partly latex or something) so I thought that might be best.

He sleeps mostly on his back and weighs around 160 lbs. My ideal budget for the topper would be around $200 or less (for twin xl).

I appreciate any advice!

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the follow up. A medium or soft dunlop topper or blended talalay will add contouring and pressure relief for your son and fit into your price range.

Blended Talalay Topper


Just click on the TwinXL size and you should be fine. The price adjusts in their cart.

Here is a second company with a similar option.

Medium 2" Topper LMF

If he likes a very plush feel, you can go with the 3" topper, if he just wants to soften the too firm college mattress, get some pressure relief and contouring, then the 2" should be fine.

A helpful trick for managing dust mites and maintaining the softness of cotton sheets and pillowcases is adding a cup of standard vinegar to the wash when cleaning bedding. Many bedding companies apply a coating to their linens for display in stores or online, which can flatten and mat the cotton fibers. Vinegar effectively removes this coating, allowing the cotton fibers to regain their natural softness.

In addition, adding a small capful of pure eucalyptus oil (using the cap from the bottle) to the wash can further deter dust mites, as they dislike the scent. This method is akin to using lavender sachets in closets and drawers to repel moths from silk and wool clothing.

It’s important not to use detergent with fabric softener or any fabric softener at all when washing bedding and towels. Similarly, avoid using products like Bounce or similar dryer sheets, as they leave a residue on fabrics and flatten fibers over time.

Instead, opt for 100% wool dryer balls, which can be purchased for about $10 for a pack of 6 on Amazon. These dryer balls not only speed up the drying process but also help keep fabrics soft and free of residue.

Hopefully this helps and gets your son on a good path to a great nights sleep.


Thank you! Just what I needed to know.

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