Latex Mattress Topper

Hi. I’m considering the purchase of an all Latex mattress but I thought I might try a mattress topper first and then add a base afterwards (and when I can afford it :)). Are you familiar with the 3" 7 zoned topper made by Latexco? I believe it is dunlop and 21-25 ILD. I think i read somewhere on the forum that you prefer Tatalay for the comfort layer because it is softer. Is that correct? Do you think that putting a latex topper on an old firm spring mattress will give me the wrong impression (no pun intended) about the feel of latex? I am a male, 6’ tall, 290lbs… Thanks for your help and thanks for this great forum.

Hi cpgj,

Without knowing what the topper would be on top of and any issues with your current mattress, it’s difficult to know how well a topper would work so I’ll make a few general comments instead.

A topper will work well to create better pressure relief if the mattress you are putting it on is still in good shape without any dips and if the softer layers of the mattress are not too thick. It would also be important that the springs are still in good shape. Even firm mattresses generally have some soft foam and the condition of this foam and its thickness will make a big difference in how well a topper works or how thick a topper would work best. If your current mattress has soft spots for example then a topper will “follow” the soft spots underneath them.

People who are heavier also need firmer and often thicker comfort layers to get the same combination of pressure relief and support than those who are lighter. For this reason a soft Dunlop topper may work well for you both because it tends to be firmer than a similar Talalay topper (it gets firmer faster with compression) and because you will not sink into it as deeply as Talalay. This ILD in Talalay would likely be too soft for you. It will also have a different feel than Talalay but feel is a preference rather than a “need”. The challenge with adding a topper to a pre-existing mattress (assuming it is too firm and still has even firmness across the surface) is that it puts the existing softer foam deeper into your sleeping system which can make the mattress less supportive even if it improves pressure relief. For example if your current mattress has 3" of softer foam on top and you need 4" of softer foam (soft relative to your weight and body profile) then adding an inch or even 2 of soft foam on top could work very well but adding 3" could result in a top layer of soft foam that was too thick and lead to alignment issues.

The 7 zoned Latexco topper is certainly a great price for natural Dunlop (assuming it is this one). I’m a little skeptical about the value of having 7 zones … particularly with Dunlop which has a wider ILD variance on the surface anyway and because the “zones” are so narrow that if they really made a difference you would have to place yourself in a certain position to take full advantage of them … but having said that, because there is not that big a differential between the zones, I would not particularly consider this a negative either. I just wouldn’t pay more for a 7 zoned topper than I would for a topper with say 3 zones but in this case that’s not an issue.

So overall … depending on the condition of your mattress and the makeup of the layers … it may work well and it would certainly give you a sense of the “feel” of Dunlop latex as a comfort layer. Talalay in the same ILD would have similarities to this but it would feel more “springy” or “lively” for most people and it would also feel softer because you would sink into it a little more.


Thanks for the detailed reply. You correctly identified the deal I am considering. Would that topper be eligible for the 5% discount for membership here? There’s also the question of the no-return policy. I’ve found the same topper elsewhere for ~$37 more but it is returnable. It’s a tough decision.

Hi cpgj,

If the alternative you are looking at is Amazon … I would make sure about the refund policy first. There are several different versions of refund policy depending on whether the item is being fulfilled by Amazon (which has their own set of “rules”) or by the merchant which each have their own refund policy. Just FWIW. Most toppers are usually considered “personal items” and while there are exceptions … they are mostly non returnable or at least have shipping costs or restocking fees connected with returns.

The agreement I made with the manufacturers I invited to be part of the site was for mattresses only. The main reason for that is because most of them are already operating with such a small profit margin already or have very low margin specials that it didn’t seem to be a good idea to include everything they sold. In most cases they already have the best value even at their “normal” prices.

Having said that though … there’s never any harm in asking :slight_smile:


I ordered from Premium Mattress Company). It’s a slight gamble but i know I like latex and I can’t think of a better topper/future comfort layer than this. I’m curious what type of core you would recommend for someone of my weight. I forgot to mention that I’m a back sleeper. I was thinking 6" of 44ILD Dunlop and possibly 3" of 36ILD above that, and then this topper of course.

Hi cpgj,

I think you made a good choice … especially if you already know you like latex.

Usually my “best” suggestion as far as deciding on the optimal layering for any individual is to test various latex layerings at a local outlet that sells latex mattresses with known configurations. While “theory at a distance” can certainly provide guidelines as a starting point … it can never be as accurate as actual testing. With a reference point that includes specific feedback from a certain layering … then theory can be a big help in pointing to the direction of any changes that may work better but without this reference point, “averages” take over that can’t really take into account the many variables of each individual’s needs and preferences. I highly recommend at least some personal testing as much as possible as it can greatly increase the odds of making a good purchase online.

Having said all that … If local testing isn’t practical or possible, I would agree with you that the 12" layering you outlined would be a good choice.


I’m happy to report that they gave me the 5% discount :slight_smile: